Tuesday 10 January 2017

Myth, Magic, and MoonlightMyth, Magic, and Moonlight by Lily Baldwin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Highland Shadows by Lily Baldwin

Bestselling author Lily Baldwin weaves a heartbreaking and largely sweet story in Highland Shadows. Alexander McKenzie lost his mother the same night a curse came to their lands. With half of his face burned Alex believes he’ll never find a woman willing to marry him. Thank God for Jamie the best friend who wouldn’t let him lodge around in self-pity. This story unites two people who completely believed they were beyond saving. I loved the way the heroine Cora moved from being a recluse to being part of her husband's clan once she realized she had his support. The book left me wanting more. Alexander’s brother has secrets and Jamie will live on as a vampire. This series has earned a place on my to-read list.

The Oracle Of Delphi by Elizabeth Rose

A retelling of the classic Greek adventures of Persues. In this version, Persues finds love in the arms of princess Andromeda. The Oracle Of Delphi expresses the old adage what goes around comes back around beautifully. King Acrisius met the fate he was so desperate to avoid through his own actions. I can’t say I was unhappy to see him die at Perseus’ hands. The funniest moment was the little tattoo trick the satyr played on Andromeda and Persues and the invisibility scenes come a close second. This story will make you mad, make you laugh and make you sigh. I fun new take on Perseus’ story.

Stephan of Caeli by Aurrora St James

This story was by far my favorite in the collection. I just love all things dragon. Stephan Baudin’s mother was stolen away when he was a child. Her absence left a vacuum his father and twin never recovered from. In his search for answers, Stephan is captured and tortured by the very people he came to find. I loved the heroine’s determination to achieve her dreams. I was pretty upset with Isabela Florin’s parents and felt their excuses were too silly for the mean way they treated their daughter. She was more forgiving than I would have been. There was no boring moment in this book. Every scene was emotionally engaging, my heart almost gave out on some scene’s…lol. I will definitely be looking for the next book in this series.

Whistle Down The Wind by Sibelle Stone

This story shows how craven human beings can be when they face what they don’t understand. As in other historical instances, Caitlin found that violence against their witch family was inevitable. When she is captured and sent for trial Caitlin finds an unlikely ally in ex-soldier Sir Griffin Reynolds. A bond forms when Caitlin saves Griffin’s friend from a critical illness. I liked this story though I felt it was a pity that Caitlin's little sisters never got to play a bigger role in the book. The evil warlock Sheffield alludes to there being a group determined to acquire the Glyndwr sister’s power so we will be getting more magical witchy stories in this series.

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