Monday 16 January 2017

DisenchantedDisenchanted by Leigh Goff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Disenchanted by Leigh Goff follows the story of half-witch Sophie Goodchild. Sophie lives in Weathersfield, a town with a long history of persecuting witches, Salem style. Sophie does her best to keep her head down and remain inconspicuous. Unfortunately, it's not enough to keep Judge Mather from having witches shops closed down or worse arrested. The coven is on the brink of turning to black magic and Sophie is in love with her enemy's son. Sophie descents from Elizabeth Greensmith who fell in love with a Mather. Elizabeth's sister murders her sister and places a true love curse on the Mather family. Tasked to break the ancient curse Sophie must overcome her hatred of the Mathers in order to free them all.

For years Mathers and the witches have distrusted and hated each other. The heroine thought the Mather's were the only one's with a problem were the Mather’s until she met Alexavier. She was just as suspicious and prejudiced as the judge. Love really did conquer all in this book to overcome fear and hatred. If you don't make the effort to bring change no one else will. Sophie's growth as a character plagued by fear and eventually into a fearless heroine willing to do whatever it took to break a curse was beautiful to read. The emotion between Sophie and Alexavier Mather was very real, their fight to stop history from repeating itself is fraught with danger. If you're into Romeo and Juliet type romance this is a book for you.

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