Friday, 23 September 2016

Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland, #1)Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a lovely book. I began this series with Golden Dynasty which I still think is the absolute best in this series.
I loved the heroin Finnie who unlike the previous heroin actually chose to travel to another dimension. Her twin from the other world had 'forgotten' to inform her that she was about to get married to the Drakka the uncrowned King of the land.
Things are further complicated when Finnie learns the Drakka hated her double and that the double was gay. Finnie who is not gay and finds the Drakkar's hot brooding looks hot finds herself dumped in the middle of nowhere while her husband goes raiding on their honeymoon.
With the help of their friends the Drakkar and Finnie make a love match of it in spite of all their differences. I found this to be a reverting read and cried when some of my favourite characters died in the war. I loved how the heroin quickly overcame her fears and thrived in a new world. It was both funny and filled with adventure.
I will definately be moving on to the third book in this series.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Bully (Fall Away, #1)Bully by Penelope Douglas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The story is your standard college story, teenage boy meets girl falls in love. Unlike your usual story the heroin Tate is bullied by the boy who supposedly loves her to death. She escapes to Paris for one year and returns a changed girl. He's made her life hell but she's ready to start fighting back.
The hero and his evil sidekick get a shock when they realise she isn't an easy mark for their pranks anymore. The hero in this story was the model playboy- one night stands, gangster like fights, speeding etc a little cliche. I didn't see anything to like about him.
Eventually the heroine forces the hero to reveal why he did the things he did. I must say it was a lousy reason to hate a friend. he confesses his love and the heroine of course forgives him. But an ex-girlfriend plays a nasty prank on them which reveals underlying trust issues. The situation is eventually resolved. Its a good light read but not isn't all that realistic.

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Burning Woman part 14

September 1998

I don’t know if it was the stress or the infrequent visits but I never conceived again. Meanwhile my husband had more children with Onicca. While I stayed in the village, Onicca stayed in the city. We only met at a few important family functions over the years. Onicca and I have an understanding. I don’t despise her for stealing my husband—well at least on most days.
I didn’t exactly hate Morris anymore neither did I love him. What am I saying? Of course I love him. He was my friend long before he became my husband. He’s like my brother now, a brother I have a child with.
We’re not passionately in love anymore. That ship sailed with the night. He didn’t bother to touch me anymore. Thank God, That would have been weird. The money still came and life continued. Hurrah!!!
I was so good at home-based care that I got picked for a nursing school scholarship. The hospital was overwhelmed. The rumour that had travelled across the country was now a reality that was killing people like a forest wildfire.
“Please Sister Moyo can’t you keep him here?”
The woman’s pleas are heartrending but the hospital is stretched to the limit. “Unfortunately there is nothing I can do. The hospital beds are reserved for the critically ill. We barely have space for those as it is. Go home, follow the care guidelines and if there is a change you can bring him back for review.”
I scribble on his card and sign the discharge papers. “I’ve put down some medication that will help him keep his food down. You can collect it at the dispensary.”
“Thank you, Sister Moyo,” she says turning the wheelchair towards the exit.
I watch her walk away for a moment. Her story like so many others is now the norm rather than the oddity. Her husband has AIDS and now she has to look after him because the hospital can’t. He used to work in the city before he became too sick to work. The prescription drugs can only help so much. There is no cure.
The bed he has vacated is taken by a woman who looks like a bag of bones covered with grey sweaty skin. An old woman stands beside the wards latest patient. A loud hacking cough shakes the emaciated frame almost pitching her to the ground. The handkerchief the old woman holds to her mouth comes away bloody.
I pick up the card with a sinking feeling in my chest. The results are not back from the lab but I’m sure she has the dread disease and TB too. “When did the coughing start?”
“A few months after her husband’s death, she started losing weight no matter how much she ate. She was fine and I just thought it was stress. It’s too soon after her husband’s death. The coughing only started a week ago.” The old woman grips my arm fear glazing her eyes. “Nurse please tell me my daughter is going to be fine—how am I to raise the children, as old as I am?”
“Sit down, gogo.” Taking her by the arm I lead her to a seat. “I will do my best.”
I don’t tell her everything is going to be alright because that would be a lie. This new disease is something we have no weapons to fight.