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I love reading everything and to me the written word has the power to change the world. I write for myself and for people who like to read a good story. I am fascinated by the written word because it has the power to take a reader into a world beyond their own. I have a great imagination. I enjoy reading, writing and above all life.


Born Maureen Dangarembizi in Zimbabwe, Author Grace has lived a storied life. From her earliest days in school, she knew she wanted to someday write for a living, but that dream didn't come to fruition until recently. After penning many columns for, she earned her first accolades as a professional writer. Nominated in 2015 for a Zim Achievers Award, Grace went on to publish two full-length novels, a novella, a children's book, and to pursue her interest in screenwriting and film making.

When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, dreaming up new stories to share with the world, or can be found deeply engrossed in one of the many books in her to-be-read pile.

Grace is also a judge on Ink and Insights annual writing competition.


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