Monday 10 October 2016

The Goal (Off-Campus, #4)The Goal by Elle Kennedy

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I just love this series. From the time I read the deal I wanted to know how the four roommates would get their happily ever after. Tucker was by far the more subdued of the hockey playing hotties. And he basically took care of the other guys in the previous books.
Sabrina on the other hand came up as a stuck-up girl with a major hangup on hockey players (Dean in particular) I wasn't sure I was going to like her for Tucker. So glad I was wrong.
The story starts with a hotter than hot hook-up in Tucker's car. What was meant as a once off experience(on Sabrina's side) turns into more when Tucker persists in building a relationship. Sabrina has a heavy toll on her shoulders. Sabrina's home scene was horrible. Her stepfather was an ***hat and her grandmother was slightly better. I really admired her characters determination to make something of herself. something that enriched the story and made it very real not some blown up sob story.
Tucker is also plagued by his mother who wants him to go back home and buy a local business. I didn't like her so much when she tried to force him to do something he didn't enjoy.
The way Sabrina and Tucker handled the pregnancy was very convincing. I also loved that Sabrina didn't give up her dream but worked a little bit harder to get it. This is a wonderful inspirational not to mention hot read for YA

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