Saturday 20 August 2016

Second Chance at LoveSecond Chance at Love by Monica Botha

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

First off I would like to thank Monica Botha for the review copy she send me. Second Chance At Love follows the story of Emma a married woman who has lived through fifteen years of abuse from her no-good husband Jason. Emma has the typical married friend Lucy who encourages her to hang on to her obviously bad marriage. I found myself wanting to punch this woman in the face many times during this story.
Apparently she felt that she was worthy to judge her friend even though she didn't have a successful marriage to speak of. Thank God Emma didn't listen to her horse dung advice ;)
And Micheal bless his soul was just the hero Emma needed to get her to move out of a bad situation into something beautiful. He was everything a real man should be.
The main character Emma is very real, a person the reader can relate to and empathize with. This book is a good read for people who are coming out of an abusive relationship. Once she found her courage Emma took decisive action that finally led her to her happily ever after. A good, entertaining read.

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