Friday 31 May 2019

DAWN of AFFLICTION: America's Last Days (Last Dawn Trilogy Book 1)DAWN of AFFLICTION: America's Last Days by D.I. Telbat

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Dawn of Affliction is the first book in the Last Dawn Trilogy by D. I. Telbat. It’s been two decades since Pan-Day and the collapse of the United States. Following the death of his father, Levi Caspertein takes himself and what’s left of his family on a journey across the country from San Diego to New York. Levi’s father was a member of COIL a Christian military group that has a secret cache of lethal weapons that the Pacific States military wants. With the Brogdon’s following them from behind and unknown dangers ahead Levi is hard put to keep everyone safe. Facing cold-hearted killers is made much more difficult when your faith demands mercy. Will Levi be able to maintain his Christian values as the danger around him mounts.

I don’t know where to begin in my praise for this amazing series opener. Dawn Of Affliction will astound and leave a warm feeling in your heart scene after scene. There’s a lot of fiction out there claiming to be Christian but this book by D. I. Telbat is the real deal. In this tale of trial, forgiveness and hope the characters are challenged to the maximum to prove their faith. Levi is like so many biblical heroes in his journey. He’s a Moses leading his people out of Egypt. A David sparing King Saul’s life in spite of the danger. Jonah trusting God’s will even when it seemed out of place. The author truly gives us a story full of life lessons for any believer today. I can’t wait to read Dawn of Oppression coming out in the fall of 2019.

My favorite Levi Caspertein quote:- ‘You’re better off in God’s hands than mine.”

Book Summary

DAWN OF AFFLICTION by D.I. TELBAT is Book One of the LAST DAWN TRILOGY, a Christian Post-apocalyptic, End Times Novel. 

Twenty years have passed since the Meridia Virus ravaged America. Cities have burned and civilization has crumbled. One hundred million have died, leaving behind a suspicious, selfish populace in small settlements across the scarred landscape. 

But out of the charred ruins of San Diego, Levi Caspertein emerges. For twenty years, he’s grown up in the shadow of his heroic father, Titus. Now, Levi must respond on his own to a disturbing communication he receives from New York. An old friend, Jenna Dowler, is in trouble. 

With bold faith, Levi sets off on foot to the east, crossing desert wasteland into the Plains Zone where travelers are sooner shot than welcomed. Behind him, a rogue military general—who wants COIL’s stockpiled weaponry—is chasing him. But Levi won’t be hindered unnecessarily for his trek east, even with his mother and cousin in tow, and he stands courageously for Jesus Christ. 

At every town and resupply stop, Levi is thrust into fresh misery, violence, and strife. Each person who joins him is put at risk, but every enemy who stands against him must look down his barrel of determination to care first for the afflicted. He is a Caspertein. He is a Christian. And America desperately needs a symbol of hope—a new dawn—in her smoking ruin. 

The needs are intense and God's people are ready, but evil has never been more brutal . . . 

Read Dawn of Affliction, a 123,000-word novel, which follows the COIL and STEADFAST timeline. (You may want to first read The STEADFAST Series, in which the setting is similar in America's Last Days after the pandemic, though there is no character connection between the two series.) Bonuses included: an author note, three FREE maps, a glossary, a character sketch, and a teaser of Book Two of the series, Dawn of Oppression

In America’s Last Days, only the steadfast will survive! 

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