Monday 19 December 2016

The Blood Prince Official Trailer

Blood Prince March 18, 2017

He witnessed the world’s end once. Will he let it happen again?

A young woman out of options

The fate of the world rests in Zara Callahan’s hands. Resurrecting the first vampire is the easy part. Teaching him the power of love proves to be far more difficult, but that’s a risk she’s willing to take. With so many lives hanging in the balance, can Zara convince Zed to change his plans before the world as she knows it comes to an end?

A prince with a second chance                          

Handsome Zedekai is not of this world, but after meeting Zara, he may be willing to assimilate himself in order to prevent a centuries old vampire from destroying it. Centuries ago, the world came to a bitter end right before his eyes. Now, an ancient threat has emerged to destroy the new world.

No one has ever dared cross Lilith… no one until now.

Will Zara’s efforts stop the impending disaster before it’s too late?

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