Sunday 20 November 2016

The Beauty Of The New CovenantThe Beauty Of The New Covenant by Godswill Churchman

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Book Summary

The Beauty of the New Covenant is an interface of the Old and New Covenants. Godswill Churchman Chinedum looks at the weakness of the Old Covenant which was based on laws, ordinances, and animal sacrifices to atone for people’s sins which were not able to redeem humans from their sins.
This book shows that the era of Grace, which is the New Covenant is far better than the era of the law. In that what the blood of animals could not achieve to permanently eradicate the sins of the people, Christ did by going to the cross to die. As you read this book you will be abreast of the fact that:
• In the Old Covenant God dwelt in a temple made with hands, but in the New Covenant the Spirit of God lives inside of the believer.
• Aaron went behind the veil, but Christ tore the veil.
• Aaron offered his sacrifice once a year, but Christ offered His blood once and for all.
• Aaron offered animal blood, but Christ offered His own blood.
• Aaron offered his sacrifice for the Jews, but Christ offered His sacrifice for the world.
• Righteousness is not based on the law but on faith in Jesus Christ.

My review

"Many Christians today deny the Lord on a constant basis, especially when faced with challenges,
life threatening situations and afflictions. Trial and temptation is part of Christian faith because every faith must be tried and proven."
After years in the education system as a student, Sundays at church and Sunday school one would believe they have a good handle on what the bible teaches. This book is a pleasant surprise in that it takes a unique view to what the new testament means in today's world. A must read for those interested in the contrast between the new and old covenant.

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