Friday 15 July 2016

The Burning Woman Part 2

December 1991

“Rudo wait for me!”
I turn around to see my close friend and confidante Mary approach at a brisk pace.
“Good morning Mary,” I say once she catches up with me. “How is your family?”
“My family is well. And yours?”
“The family is doing fine,” I reply.
As we walk to the well other women from the village join us on the trip to the well. It is customary to fetch water in the early morning hours. It is also the time we women socialize and get the latest village gossip.
The village is very primitive but we have grown-up here. Ours is a close knit community that shields and protects its own. Life in the village is simple with most people living off the land.
“Christmas is around the corner,” Mary says excitedly. “My husband will be here for the holidays any day now.”
“The holidays are always good.”
Families always gathered together and had special treats throughout the day. In the afternoon we would put on our best clothes, go to the township and enjoy the latest records.
“This time my husband will be staying for a whole week,” Mary said. “The last time he was here he only stayed for a day and that was months ago.”
“At least he has something to show for all his hard work,” I say, pushing my wheelbarrow through a sandy patch. “We can barely afford to pay school fees and keep Morris clothed.”
“I will speak to my husband maybe he can help your husband find work in the city.”
“I would really appreciate that.”
Times were changing very soon life would revolve around the big cities. Her family would have to adapt and look to the future.

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